Top quality gently dried herbs for your horse.
Top quality gently dried herbs for your horse.
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              Stables Herbs

              Herbs are essential part of horses natural daily feeding. Especially during winter season horses benefit of herbs. Hay is often Timothy grass (Phleum pratense) which is usually quite poor in nutrition. Horses need many nutritions and flavours in order to have full-functioning body. Bitter and sour herbs help saliva process for enabling protection against stomach acids very effectively. Herbs which are rich in Calcium balance intestinal pg value. Mucus or tannic rich herbs on the other hand take care of intestinal mucous membrane and consistency of manure. Offer your horse a natural choice for change. Herbs are very tasteful and luxurious reward for your horse. Herbs ARE power ! Herbs of our FortiNut serie are natural, controlled and fit well for horse feeding. Our herbs and natural products are carefully handled during dry-process and there are no extra synthetic ingredients. Also our herbs are not exposed to heat during dry-process, nor radiation and are free of preservatives. Our herbs and natural products are natural luxury for your horse. Herbs are nutritious, full of mineral essentials, vitamins, antioxidants and flavonoids. Herbs naturally fulfill the body nutrition without processed and less infusing ingredients. FortiNut recommend you to feed your horse with herbs and natural products. By your own eyes you can see the wellbeing of your horse.