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Cowboy Magic
Gallon Dispensing Pump
Pump that fits into the 3785ml canister of Cowboy Magic products.
$ 14.95
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St HippoLyt
RBC Horse Clay Calming (750g)
SKU: 51315750
HorseClay Calming forms a gentle, breathable barrier when dry that acts as a natural patch, skin renewing product suitable for use on sensitive skin areas, easy to use
$ 34.95
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St HippoLyt
RBC Horse Clay Pastern (750g)
SKU: 51317750
A clay product for the goat area and feet, which supports the skin's defence mechanisms and regeneration, thus promoting hair growth. A combination of dry clay and tincture, mixed ...
$ 37.95
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St HippoLyt
RBC Horse Clay Magic (600g)
SKU: 51321600
HorseClay Magic contains sun-dried red and white clay, which contain essential trace elements for the skin. Thanks to its high iron content, the clay mixture acts like a skin mask,...
$ 39.95
VAT. 0%
In equipment care products, we invest in quality and safety. Environmentally-compatible natural products are our choice. The equine care product in our range includes many Finnish handicraft care products that help small businesses operate.