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Nordic Horse
Thermos Mug Nordic Horse
SKU: 70015
A handy thermos that you can take with you in the car and in the garage. The mug is double insulated, so it keeps hot drinks warm for a long time and cold drinks cool.
$ 10.95
VAT. 0%
Candle/Ampel holder Dog
SKU: AmppelitelineKoira
Domestic, beautiful flowerpot. In winter, it also looks great as a candle lantern holder. Fastened with four screws.
$ 29.95
VAT. 0%
Nordic Horse
Treatbox (6 bags)
SKU: 100001
Box with 6 different Nordic Horse goody bags.
$ 29.70
VAT. 14%
Nordic Horse
Riding Bag Navy
SKU: 70012
The Nordic Riding Bag is a bag specially designed for the needs of the rider. Plenty of space for treats, phone, keys, hoof hook, water bottle, etc. Very spacious without being too...
$ 49.95
VAT. 0%
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