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Soy (15kg)
SKU: 139911
For protein supplementation of pregnant and lactating mares, growing foals and horses for pleasure and sport. Soybean meal is not genetically modified.
$ 29.70
VAT. 14%
Crushed Barley (15kg)
SKU: 10041
Energy-rich broken barley for horses.
$ 27.22
VAT. 14%
Nordic Horse
E-Power (3kg RF) Nordic
SKU: N90002
Nordic E-Power is a vitamin E and lysine supplement that supports muscles under stress and reduces muscle fatigue.
$ 94.18
VAT. 14%
Nordic Horse
Muscle Aid pulver (1kg) Nordic
SKU: N10006
  • Lihasten ja lihasvoiman kehitykseen
A natural product that supports muscle and upper limb development. Carefully selected amino acids combined with powerful antioxidants promote healthy and stable muscle function, su...
$ 78.06
VAT. 14%
Energy and protein feeds provide extra energy and protein to horses that do not get enough energy or protein from hay. The increased need for protein is especially in growing, pregnant and lactating horses. You can conveniently find horse protein feeds at the stable store. In the protein feed selection you will find the familiar soy meal, hemp protein and Linocrunch feed. Linocrunch feed is a complete and versatile protein feed containing protein from broad beans, flax and alfalfa. A sport horse often has a rather heavy and exhausting life. Extra energy is used up in competitions, and a highly digestible energy feed for your horse is then necessary. Rice bran is an excellent and well-absorbed energy feed. Barley is also an excellent energy feed for high energy needs. In addition, feed mixes are available for increased energy and protein needs, such as xtraenergy, muscle protein, klidmelasse or muscle gain. That is, many feeds from which to choose the best energy or protein supplement for your horse without forgetting corn and black oats. Important amino acids for horses, i.e. parts of protein, are lysine, methionine and tryptophan. They can be found in Muscle aid, Exel e powder and myoplast products.