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Amequ by Dangro
MetaMash (15kg)
SKU: 601008
Low-sugar and tasty mash feed. Low energy mash is also suitable for people with allergies as it does not contain cereals, maize, soya or alfalfa.
$ 56.98
VAT. 14%
Amequ by Dangro
MetaOmega3 (1kg)
SKU: 601254
A new source of omega-3 fatty acids for your horse. It is rich in hydrolysed omega-3 fatty acids in active form (DHA fatty acids), which are easily absorbed and do not need bile fo...
$ 63.18
VAT. 14%
Amequ by Dangro
MetaPellets (15kg)
SKU: 601029
  • Soveltuu usein ruoka-aine allergikoille
  • Ei sisällä viljoja tai sinimailasta
  • Ei sisällä maissia tai melassia
Low-sugar metapellet is generally well suited for horses with food allergies, metabolic problems or that easily gain too much mass.
$ 53.26
VAT. 14%
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Amequ by Dangro
MetaVital+ (15kg)
SKU: 601280
  • vitamiinivalmiste
  • kivennäinen
  • kivennäisvitamiinivalmiste
An excellent, easily digestible vitamin-mineral preparation for the horse.
$ 154.94
$ 148.74
VAT. 14%
Metabolism of the horse Amequ Meta products are suitable for all horses, but they have been developed especially with an eye on supporting the horse's digestion and metabolism. The series focuses on low sugar and starch content, and energy comes from digestible fibers and beneficial fatty acids. In many products of the Meta series, you will find a carefully prepared combination of herbs for a sensitive horse. Meta products do not contain the most common horse allergens. The Meta series may help horses that have problems with the intestines or itchy skin, because such symptoms can occur if the horse is fed something allergenic. When talking about a horse's metabolism, thoughts often focus on horses that need to lose weight or gain weight. However, the metabolic processes of the horse's body cover much more. Metabolism provides the entire horse's body with the building blocks it needs to survive. Metabolism is therefore the term for the body's metabolism of nutrients. The horse's metabolism can be disturbed by chemical imbalances in the body, the horse's genes and the horse's food intake or food allergens to which the horse is sensitized. One of the most important things for a horse's healthy and functioning metabolism is the intake of vitamins and minerals. Certain vitamins and minerals have been allocated because they supply the body with substances it cannot produce on its own. Horse owners want to keep their horses healthy and avoid unnecessary vet bills that come if the horse is fed the wrong way for a long time and its metabolism is disturbed. That's why we all try to provide our horses with the healthiest and most adapted diet possible, so that they have optimal endurance. At Amequ by Dangro, we have Meta products specifically for this purpose. Amequ MetaVital +. This product is freshly made to support the horse's healthy metabolism, where the horse is optimally covered with vitamins and minerals. Normally, it can be difficult to find a pure vitamin/mineral supplement that is not bound in starch. Here we have a product with 0% starch content. The sugar content is also incredibly low, up to 2.7%. These two factors mean that the product can be used to benefit overweight horses that need weight management, as well as horses with sensitive metabolisms. Amequ MetaVital + contains a lot of zinc, manganese and selenium, and a lot of attention has been paid to the nutrients it contains. The product can be used both as a daily full coverage vitamin/mineral dosage, but also as an effect treatment, in which case 10g per 100kg horse is distributed daily. Booster treatment can last up to 8 weeks, when it is given in addition to the horse's other feeding. The advantage of giving Amequ MetaVital +, compared to, for example, individual mineral supplements, is that the nutrients in this product are carefully matched to each other. This ensures greater absorption. In the production of MetaVital +, detailed consideration has been given to the conditions of the Nordic soil, for example iron has not been added, because the grass has a high iron content, which far exceeds the horse's needs. The high iron content of horse feed limits its absorption of zinc and copper. At the same time, MetaVital + has increased the selenium content, which is low in Nordic soil. MetaVital + is added with organically bound minerals to ensure high bioavailability. MetaPellets - For the conservative or allergic horse Horses that tend to be overweight often don't need very much complete feed. However, it is still essential that they are fully covered in vitamins and minerals, and may need supplementation in the form of omega-3 fatty acids, good quality digestive fiber or herbs. Here you can use MetaPellets to your advantage MetaPellets is a pelleted complete feed that is made for the Thrifty or particularly sensitive or allergic horse. MetaPellets have taken into account the low sugar and starch content. MetaPellets contain 0.62 nutritional units, 3.9% sugar and 3.6% starch. The product is completely free of grains, grain products, bran, yeast, soy, molasses and alfalfa, which makes the product suitable for the Thrifty or overweight or allergic horse. MetaPellets are the obvious choice for a horse that is fed ad libitum roughage and has a lower forage requirement, and for a horse that generally has a lower caloric requirement. The product has a small daily feeding amount, where the horse is covered with 100-125 g per 100 kg horse + roughage. MetaOmega3 - highly concentrated omega-3 fatty acid supplement. Omega-3 fatty acids are called essential because horses need them through feeding because the body cannot produce them on its own. As herbivores, horses are naturally adapted to r