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Bentonite (1kg)
SKU: Bentonite1
Alkaline and alkalizing bentonite clay. The product is well suited for horses with hard-to-heal ruts or lines.
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Movicur (5kg best before) St Hippolyt
SKU: 50901006Päiväys
For horses with joint and mobility challenges. Contains green mussel extract and MSM. High content of omega-3 fatty acids.
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$ 108.19
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LinuStar StHippolyt (3kg best before)
SKU: 50602003Päiväys
Easy to administer omega-3 fatty acids.rnA supplement containing only cracked, golden yellow flaxseeds, which swell and secrete mucus on contact with water or digestive juices.
$ 39.62
$ 35.65
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Gemüse-Kräuter Sensi-Mineralien Nordic (5dl sample)
SKU: 50303011näyte
Effective mineral blend Suitable for all horses to balance a grain-rich diet. Also suitable for breeding mares at the end of the gestation period and during the lactation period, a...
$ 4.90
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