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Black Oat Flakes (10kg)
SKU: FN6430053920446
FORTINUT BLACK OAT FLAKES (Avena sativa) St. John's wort is an old domestic oat variety produced on the farm - a country species. A tasty and easily digestible flake of black oats ...
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BlackOat (18kg)
SKU: Mustakaura
A native variety of locally produced groundnut - black-skinned groundnut.
$ 37.14
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Is your pony too small? Does your horse need more mass? Proteins are the building blocks of the body that the horse uses for muscle, growth, pregnancy, milk production, etc. The need for healthy horse protein is about 9-11% of the total diet - depending on the horse's level of stress. Black oats and protein supplements from our range offer high quality protein for different horses. Products from the Black Oats and Proteins menu give natural energy to your horse. The domestic black oat (Avena Strigosa Schreb.) Is a tasty and easily digestible oat variety, from which your horse can easily get natural energy and high quality protein. Fortinut's black oat is not grown in Europe, a new mutation of white oats, but fortiNut Black oats is an old Finnish, a rural variety. The protein and lysine content of black grouse is higher than that of other cereals, ensuring balanced growth and development for your horse. Blackcurrant and protein supplements contain plenty of stomach-friendly fiber. In addition, blackcurrant contains many polyunsaturated fatty acids that make your horse's skin and hair look good. The starch contained in black oats is finer than starch from other cereals. That's why the black grouse melts better in the small intestine than other cereals, and the horse is also able to make better use of the smell. Black oats are also well suited for horse breeds for which normal white oats cause behavioral disorders, allergies, skin or stomach symptoms. Such breeds include: Friesian, Icelandic Horses, Swedish and Norwegian Cold Blood Breeds, Haflingers, Arabs, Andalusians, and Lipizzas. Black oats and protein supplements are a great and natural way to enrich your horse's muesli and mash feeds. It is recommended that blackcurrant be fed to the horse as a whole. The black oat, which is fed as a whole with a good-toothed horse, will only go through a few percent. Black oats Usage recommendation: 0.2-4 kg per day according to the energy requirement. Nutritional values ​​g / 100g: Protein: 11.8 g, fat 5.7 g. Microbiological quality excellent: DON <0.5. Hectolitre weight 62 kg.