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Nordic Horse
Beet Balance (15kg) Nordic
SKU: N10047
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Energy from fibre - A complete feed for your horse, based on beet fibre, dandelion root and herbs.
$ 43.34
VAT. 14%
EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet (18kg)
SKU: EquiGlo
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The 10 Minute Beet is a high quality, low-sugar, low-starch feed that has been de-molassed and structurally broken down to absorb five times the amount of water in just 10 minutes.
$ 49.54
VAT. 14%
Amequ by Dangro
Roepiller (15kg)
SKU: DK601130
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The Amequ Roepiller molasses-free Amequ Roepiller is made from beet fibre and is a great source of energy and fibre for your horse without molasses syrup.
$ 25.98
VAT. 14%
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Amequ by Dangro
Betfor melasse
SKU: DK601129
Molasses for intestinal well-being. High in soluble fibre.
$ 27.22
$ 24.49
VAT. 14%
The molasses-free molasses cut made from root fiber is a very low-sugar and high-fiber source of energy and fiber for your horse. The fiber in the molasses extract is very digestible, so it also acts as a good source of energy for the microbes in the large intestine, which promotes intestinal well-being. The high-fiber and low-sugar molasses cut is excellent for elderly horses and horses suffering from metabolic diseases. In addition, it is well suited for convalescents and for horses recovering from, for example, sand removal or lameness. The molasses clip is also great for flavoring water when you want to water your horse more. Molasses clip is usually also suitable for horses with very limited feeding due to allergies, and veterinarians often recommend molasses clip for horses suffering from various intestinal problems. If there is too little digestible fiber in your horse's hay, molasses is a good addition to reach the necessary amount of fiber in daily feeding.