Register statement

Registry name

House Of Stables customer register.

Purpose of personal data processing

The register is used for customer relationship management, customer contact and marketing.

Data content of the register

The customer's contact information and the information that enables ordering: first name, last name, street address, zip code, post office, phone number, email address. The possibility of sending marketing messages to the customer, if the customer has given separate consent to this when creating a customer account. Information about customer orders, deliveries and returns.

Regular sources of information

The register's contact and customer information is obtained at the beginning of the customer relationship and during it from the changes made by the customer to the controller. A customer relationship is created when a customer creates a domain name for an online store or orders products. Marketing ban is selected when registering. The customer can later change his marketing ban.

Disclosures of information

Information from the customer register will not be disclosed.

Principles of registry protection

The customer register is kept in electronic form. Only separately defined employees of the registrar are entitled to use the system containing customer data and to change customer data.