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At Tallituku you can find natural and tasty feed, yrit and vitamins for horses in a domestic online store. In this category you will find products to maintain the well-being and health of horses. We offer high-quality products for horses of all sizes and ages! In our wide selection you can find e.g. complete feeds, herbs, complementary feeds, feed ingredients, natural feed products such as hay pellets, alfalfa, chia, hemp and black oats. Finnish brands include FortiNut, EquiTop and Animixi. Nordic Horse and Amequ come from Denmark, Equistro from France, St. Hippolyt and Agrobs from Germany and Equine UK from Great Britain. FortiNut is tallitukku's own herb and feed ingredient series, the products of which are researched and safe for horses. The herbs are of food grade and are packed in Finland.
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                Stables For Horse

                Feeding horses is important for their health, well-being and performance. Tallitukku's natural and delicious feeds Providing the right kind of feed, herbs and vitamins can support the horse's digestion, muscle development, bone health and mental health. Fodder is the basis of a horse's diet. They provide the horse with the necessary energy, protein, fiber and nutritional needs.
                At the core of Tallitukku's operations has always been a promise to offer the best possible support for the health and well-being of horses. To deliver on this promise, we are very careful in choosing the products that we put on sale. Every product you see in Tallitukku's selections has gone through a precise selection process. We thoroughly research and evaluate each product before adding it to our selection. We only use manufacturers that use high quality ingredients and are committed to product safety and efficacy. Products must meet our strict quality control criteria, including requirements for purity, safety and nutrient content.
                Feeds should be dosed according to the horse's weight, age, strain and state of health. Normally, a horse should receive 1.5-2.5% of its body weight daily in feed, the majority of which should be roughage, such as hay or silage.

                Herbs are an excellent addition to a horse's diet. They offer several benefits, such as promoting digestion, supporting the immune system, facilitating breathing, and helping to manage stress. Dosage of herbs depends on the horse's size, age and health, as well as the type of herb. It is important to remember that some herbs can be strong and should be used as directed.
                Vitamins are essential for a horse's health. They support the horse's immune system, promote cell regeneration, participate in energy production and help the nervous system function. The vitamins given to horses depend on their age, activity level and health. Some vitamins, such as vitamins B and C, are produced in the horse's intestines, but others, such as vitamins A, D and E, must be obtained from food.

                When feeding your horse with feed, herbs and vitamins, remember that balance is important. Excessive or insufficient feeding can cause health problems. It is also important that your horse drinks enough water and that the condition of its teeth is checked regularly, because the condition of the teeth affects how well the horse is able to use the food it receives. In addition, it would be good to remember that changes in feeding habits should always be made gradually, so that the horse's digestive system has time to adapt to the new diet.