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            Stables Psyllium

            What is psyllium? Psyllium is a fiber supplement made from the dried seed coat of the plantain plant (Plantago ovata), which is suitable as a healthy source of fiber in the diet. The seed coat powder is very high in fiber, as the fiber is about 85 percent. How is psyllium used? Psyllium is used to remove soil from the horse's intestines. In addition, it is a good source of soluble fiber and it increases intestinal mucus. Is psyllium healthy? It would be good to get enough dietary fiber every day. Sufficient fiber intake promotes stomach well-being, but at the same time contributes to general well-being. Soluble and gelling psyllium fiber promotes blood cholesterol and blood sugar control. Psyllium is an easy-to-use fiber supplement that is usually also suitable for the diet of sensitive stomachs. It has proven to be an effective aid in the prevention and treatment of constipation and diarrhea. The constipating effect of psyllium is based on the fact that it is able to form a gel-like mass with water. It speeds up the passage of food through the intestines, softens stool and regularizes bowel function. Since psyllium binds water, it is important to drink enough liquid when using it. A typical recommendation is 3.5 grams of psyllium per 2.5 deciliters of liquid. The use of psyllium may initially cause flatulence, but it usually eases or stops after a few days of use. The stomach should get used to the fiber supplement gradually: during the first week, for example, half the dose. Psyllium is also suitable for long-term use, however, to remove sand, it is recommended to use it in batches.