Top quality feed ingredients for the horse for more reduced feeding and supplementation.
Top quality feed ingredients for the horse for more reduced feeding and supplementation.
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            Stables Fiber

            Fiber feed refers to roughages with a high fiber content, i.e. typical fiber feeds are hay pellets and hay chips. Hay pellets and hay chips are available suitable for many different purposes. Some are excellent drinking fodder, because the pellets smell quickly in water and the taste is very pleasant for the horse and increases their desire to drink, for example on trips to races. Hay chips and hay pellets often also differ in their content, i.e. the hay varieties used in them can be very rich varieties of alpine grasses, young cut grass, multi-species thin-stemmed meadow hay or a cultivated variety such as timothy pellets. Tallitukku's customer service will help if you don't know how to choose hay pellets or hay chips that are right for your horse. Hay pellets for horses are also suitable for replacing hay if your horse's teeth are not in perfect condition and chewing normal long hay is difficult. It is good to remember horse hay pellets also if your horse is working and has to be in the stall for longer periods, in which case there is always a threat of constipation when the horse does not move normally. Alfalfa pellets and wood chips are also available as fiber fodder. The high protein content of alfalfa pellets and alfalfa chips is good in hay pellets if the protein content of the hay is low and your horse needs more protein. For horses, asparagus pellets and asparagus chips are also good protein-rich fiber feeds for horses. In addition to hay, many other feed materials are also good fiber feeds with which you can add versatility to the horse's feeding, such as hemp fiber, hemp bran, oat husk pellets or wheat bran. From fiber feeds, the horse gets good, slowly absorbed energy, which keeps the horse full for a long time and the intestines functioning.