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fertilizer for grass
fertilizer for grass

fertilizer for grass

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    Erityinen lannoite hevosten laitumille - Pitää ruohon kasvuna ja varmistaa vitamiinien ja kivennäisaineiden optimaalisen ravinnepitoisuuden.
    • Model is wearing size: 15kg
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      Special fertilizer for horse pastures - Keeps grass growing and ensures optimal nutrient content of vitamins and minerals. Available in 15 kg bags. It’s no secret that good roughage and nutritious grass are an important part of horse feeding. To grow grass and ensure the optimal nutrient content of vitamins and minerals in the grass, it is a good idea to add fertilizer to it. This applies both to horse pens for grazing and to fields for harvesting roughage. Amequ Fold Fertilizer is an NPK 20-3-10 fertilizer for horse pastures that supports grass growth and ensures optimal nutritional content of vitamins and minerals. If you want to keep your grass low in sugar, it’s a good idea to fertilize it. When grass lacks nutrients for growth, it easily becomes stressful. Stressed grass often contains more sugar than well-fertilized grass that has been nourished for healthy growth. Recommended use: 15kg 500m2. For pastures and fields where hay is harvested. In fields where fertilizer is left out, the mineral content is often lower, which can affect the horse’s feeding plan. Therefore, it is good to keep, especially if the horses around the clock, keep the grass healthy by fertilizing. The fertilizer is applied before rain or watering in the spring and again in the summer. Standby time: min. 14 days after fertilization, before the horses can be put back in the pasture .. When the grass is eaten approx. At a height of 5 cm, it should be re-fertilized and left to grow for at least two weeks, guaranteeing excellent nutritional value for pasture hay. Content: N 19.6%, NO3-N 7.6%, NH4-N12.1%, P 2.6% K 9.6%, S 3.6%, Mg 1.1% Warning: mi Warning with strong upon thermal exposure, the fertilizer can emit toxic gases (including nitrous gases). The fertilizer must therefore be stored separately from all heat sources, such as drying systems and the like. In the event of a fire, the goods should be removed. if this is not possible, the fertilizer must be cooled by spraying with plenty of water to avoid gassing of the fertilizer. Fertilizer should be stored on farms in the premises designed for it.
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