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SAMPLE EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet
SAMPLE EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet

SAMPLE EquiGlo 10 Minute Beet

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      The molasses cut from beet fiber - 10 Minute Beet - is a high-quality, low-sugar and starchy feed from which the molasses has been removed and its structure broken so that it absorbs five times the amount of water in just about 10 minutes. The ratio of calcium to phosphorus is suitable for horses. The fiber contained in the product is highly digestible and acts as a natural probiotic in the horse's gut. Dosage: Up to 0.5 kg (dry weight) per 100 kg can be fed. Adjust the individual amount according to the horse's energy needs. Peat in plenty of water. 1 part feed and at least 5 parts water. DO NOT FEED DRY! Ingredients: Molassite-free beet chips. Nutritional content: Crude fiber 16.5%, Crude protein 10.0%, Sugar 5.0%, Starch 1.5%, Ash 6.0%, Moisture 10.0%, Digestible energy 10.95 MJ / kg. GMO free. Thanks to its low sugar and starch content, it is also excellent for horses suffering from foot-and-mouth disease or cushing disease. The product helps to maintain a good fluid balance due to its high absorbency, even during long periods of exercise, making it well suited for feeding horses involved in cross-country riding and for horses who drink poorly. Improves the utilization of fiber in the colon - Very suitable for feeding as a supplement to useless carded hay.

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