Herbal mixtures

Tallitukku's herbal mixtures are combinations of different herbs that support the well-being and health of horses in various situations. Our selection includes herbal mixtures for horses, e.g. to support metabolism, to strengthen immunity, for leaky and easily inflamed eyes, to treat intestinal problems and various wild herb mixtures to diversify the horse's feeding. The herbal mixtures are made from researched high-quality herbs, seeds, vegetables and fruits. The preparation methods of herbal mixtures have been controlled. The herbal mixtures have not been dried at too hot temperatures, so that the nutrients of the herbal mixtures are not ruined in the process. During the drying process, our herbal mixtures are protected from the sun's UV radiation, which damages the structure of the herbal mixtures. If you need help choosing a product, our staff will be happy to help you. The herbal mixtures are from the manufacturers FortiNut and Nordic Horse, and you can find most of the products in several different sizes.
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            Stables Herbal mixtures

            Herbal mixtures for horses are combinations of different herbs designed to support the health and well-being of horses. These blends may contain a wide variety of different herbs, such as chamomile, mint, fennel, dandelion, nettle, and many others, depending on the purpose of the blend. Each herb brings its own specific health benefits, and a combination of these herbs can support a horse's overall health in many ways. If you only need a certain herb for your horse, take a look at our herb selection.

            Herbal blends can be especially helpful in certain situations or with certain health problems. There are specific herbal blends designed to support the horse's digestive system, respiratory system, joint health or skin and coat condition. Other herbal blends can help support the horse's stress management or immunity. Most herbal mixtures are designed to be given daily as part of the horse's diet. They can be added directly to the horse's basic feed, and most horses enjoy their natural flavors. At Tallituku, you can find a wide variety of herbal mixtures for the prevention and treatment of various problems, of which the most popular products are the products of our own brand FortiNut.

            Herbs and herbal mixtures differ mainly in their composition and intended use. Herbs are individual plant species, such as chamomile, nettle or fennel, which can be used as such as part of a horse's diet. Each herb has its own specific health benefits and can be used alone to support specific health goals or overall well-being. For example, chamomile may be used as a sedative, nettle may support skin and coat health, and fennel may support the digestive system. Herbal mixtures, on the other hand, are combinations of several different herbs designed to support a specific health goal or to improve the horse's general health and well-being. For example, a herbal mixture may contain herbs that support the digestive system, respiratory system, joint health or other important health aspects. In herbal mixtures, the benefits of individual herbs are combined, so they can provide more comprehensive support for the horse's health.