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High-quality, well-fitting, just the right size and durable clothes for your dog.
High-quality, well-fitting, just the right size and durable clothes for your dog.
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          High-quality, well-fitting, just the right size and durable clothes for your dog. What are the dog's clothes like? In dog clothes, you can find warming inner clothes, warm overalls, waterproof coats, slippers and other clothes and jackets for outdoor activities, as well as special clothes to prevent insects and ticks. In addition, dirty clothes can ease the mood of an easily anxious dog. The dog's clothing uses high-quality and durable materials that transfer moisture to the outside and keep the dog warm in all weather conditions. Modern dog clothes are made of the same type of materials as human outdoor clothes and thermal layers, as well as durable materials, such as the materials used in horse warps. The dog's clothes should also be easy to wear. Dogs like to wear comfortable and pleasant clothes. Nowadays, you can find very beautiful, trendy and wonderful patterns in dog clothes, so your dog can go out looking spectacular. There are many types of clothes for dogs, from footwear and life jackets to scarves and jackets. The coats include raincoats and padded coats that are just right for your dog's needs, taking into account the length and warmth of your dog's coat quality. Slippers and shoes increase the dog's comfort in cold and challenging terrains. In addition, the slippers are used to protect the dog's paw wounds from being licked. Dogs and the sun - How do I protect my dog from the sun? Dogs' coats are very different, and Finnish weather conditions can burn the dog's skin through the coat in the summer, especially with thin-haired light breeds and hairless dogs, in which case protection from the sun provided by clothes is also needed. Sun protective clothing must be comfortable and flexible to wear. the sun protective clothing must be thin, well covering and easily breathable, so that the dog's temperature does not rise too high. In clothes that are too thick and do not breathe enough in the hot sun, the dog can even get heat stroke. Dogs and extreme winter conditions - How do I dress my dog in cold weather? For winter conditions, dog clothes of different thicknesses are needed for different dog breeds. Outerwear without lining is suitable for breeds that don't get cold very easily. Such dogs have some extra fatty tissue under the skin and usually have a double layer of fur. That is, the coat consists of warm underwool and weather-resistant undercoat. Thick dog coats are needed for Finnish conditions when the dog is a thin-haired breed that gets cold easily. Dogs in heat usually have little subcutaneous fat and they either lack or have a very thin undercoat. In addition, the cover can be poorly weatherproof and allows wind and moisture to pass through. Cold dogs benefit from dressing in layers. A warm overall is chosen underneath, and a padded dog coat is put on top of it. Special attention should be paid to clothing if you own a hairless dog. In this case, the dog's ears, tail, legs and paws must also be protected. In hairless dogs, only the eyes and nose are usually visible under the clothing. In our selection you will find a large number of different dog clothes, coats, shoes, slippers, sweaters, overalls, scarves and collars. Autumn and spring weather - What clothes does my dog need for the interim period? The weather in the middle season can be challenging because of the humidity and cold wind, so the dog must be protected from rain and strong wind. In our selection you will find good and durable non-slip outdoor clothes for your dog. In the middle season, you also have to take into account the darkness. With reflective dog clothes, you make your dog easy to spot on a dark road. Good reflective products protect the dog from walking in the dark. Good-quality and durable outdoor clothes for dogs reduce atrial fibrillation, when the dog is clean after the outer clothes are removed and no sand is carried indoors with the dog's paws and fur. The need for drying is reduced if the dog is wearing a rainproof coat. Drying the thickest dog after every run takes a lot of time, so the Dog Raincoat is the perfect choice. The dog's paws may get irritated from being constantly wet and from the salt placed on the road and start to turn red. In this case, the dog's weather-resistant footwear is in place. A training and hunting dog The dog's clothing should be taken into account during the waiting period between training, the dog may cool down, which increases the possibility of muscle injuries. Please make sure that the dog stays warm during the waiting period between the hunted game in the forest and the new hunt. SoftShell and breathable outdoor clothing designed for swimming and running dogs are good for hunting in cold conditions. Dog and snowy weather A dog's hair often collects snow in its paws, which clumps into hard clumps between the toes, causing the dog to feel uncomfortable when outside. Fleece slippers and outdoor shoes prevent snow from accumulating between the toes. For long-haired dogs, snowballs stick to the chest and stomach hair, which you can prevent by choosing the right coat or coat. The female and male dog protectors make it easier to live with your dog indoors.