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Lecithin Amequ 3kg BEST BEFORE
Lecithin Amequ 3kg BEST BEFORE

Lecithin Amequ 3kg BEST BEFORE

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      Lecithin for intestinal well-being and fat metabolism. Lecithin is a natural, soybean supplement that promotes the body's fat metabolism and supports the normal functioning of the stomach, intestines and respiratory mucous membranes. Lecithin is a pure food for equine cells, as its phospholipids are a building block of cell membranes and are essential for growth, development and normal cell function. Therefore, lecithin is well suited as a supplement for both young and aging horses. Lecithin breaks down the fat in the feed and thus effectively promotes the body's fat metabolism, transporting fats from tissues to muscles, where they are utilized as a source of energy. Lecithin strengthens the hydrophobic or water-repellent surface layer of the intestine and can thus protect and strengthen the mucous membranes of the horse's stomach and accelerate the healing of pre-existing mucosal damage. In addition, lecithin neutralizes strong stomach acids - and is therefore ideal for the diet of horses susceptible to gastric ulcers. Lecithin also transports fat away from the liver, thus balancing liver function. In addition, lecithin supports the functioning of the nervous system and improves the optimal absorption of vitamin E, antioxidants and minerals. The need for lecithin is emphasized during physical exertion and growth, but cell and tissue regeneration is also essential for older horses. Therefore, lecithin is a great addition to the diet of horses of all ages. Amequ Lecithin is available in 1.5 kg and 3 kg buckets. Amequ Lecithin is a 100% lecithin granule to which no fillers have been added. The product is starch and GMO free. It is suitable for all horses. Instructions for use: 20 g per 100 kg horse / day. Maximum dose 50 g per 100 kg horse / day. Always wet and mix the lecithin with the rest of the feed, do not feed dry.
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