Best Friend punkinpoistaja
Best Friend punkinpoistaja

Best Friend punkinpoistaja

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      Kätevä laite punkkien poistamiseen lemmikin tai ihmisen iholta. Jousen silmukka painetaan auki jasijoitetaan punkin ympärille mahdollisimman lähelle ihoa. Vihreä kärki asetetaan kiinni punkkiin ja painikkeesta päästetään irti, jolloin silmukka kiristyy. Jousta pidetään kohtisuorassa ihoa vasten, kierretään yksi kierros sormien välissä ja nostetaan punkki kokonaisena irti ihosta.

      The Best Friend Tick tick remover is a handy device for removing ticks from the skin of a pet or human. The loop of the spring is pressed open and placed around the mite as close to the skin as possible. The green tip is placed on the tick and the button is released, tightening the loop. The spring is held perpendicular to the skin, twisted one turn between the fingers, and the mite is lifted off the skin as a whole. The bite is finally thoroughly cleaned.

      Ticks are a nuisance for pets from spring to autumn. They lurk in the shady grasses and wait for a suitable passing animal that they can catch in Turkey to suck blood. Ticks spread nasty diseases, so it is a good idea to remove ticks that have infected your pet as soon as possible.

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