SAMPLE Inulin Mix Nordic
SAMPLE Inulin Mix Nordic

SAMPLE Inulin Mix Nordic

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    Nordic Inulin Mix on 100 % luonnollinen ja vahva prebioottinen lisäaine,joka tekee hyvää  hevosen ruoansulatukselle ja aineenvaihdunnalle.

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      Nordic Inulin Mix is a 100% natural and strong prebiotic additive that is good for the horse's digestion and metabolism.

      Nordic Inulin Mix is based on healthy natural roots and green tea. The selected roots have a very high inulin content, and together with the antioxidant-containing green tea, you get a healthy combination for both dieting and good resistance.

      - For horses in need of weight loss
      - good resistance
      - for digestion
      - When the feed changes to support

      When the bacteria in the colon break down inulin and the cells that come off the intestinal wall as they regenerate, the absorption and metabolism of nutrients are optimized. Because 70% of a horse’s immune cells are found
      As part of the intestinal wall structure, inulin is also a good supplement for a healthy immune system.

      Inulin is associated with weight loss (optimized conversion of fat deposits and controlled storage of fat in the liver) and healthy metabolism.

      Inulin binds fluid and increases the volume of the intestinal contents. This increased volume ensures a steady secretion of digestive hormones, thus normalizing the center of brain starvation satiety.

      Dandelion root,
      Green tea

      Chicory contains a large amount of inulin as well as B vitamins, both of which have a prebiotic effect. In addition, chicory keeps the horse saturated and does good for a healthy blood sugar balance.

      In addition to inulin, dandelion root contains a large amount of potassium, which helps to regulate fluid balance, especially in the rest of the intestine.
      Dandelion root contains active ingredients that reduce swelling and are good for bowel function.

      Artichoke also contains a large amount of inulin as well as vitamins C and K. Artichoke dietary fiber is good for the gut and reduces conditions for unsuitable bacteria in the colon that cause excessive gas formation.

      Green tea is antioxidant and does good for a healthy metabolism. When losing weight, the aim is to promote fat deposits, especially in the area of the neck, shoulders and root of the tail.

      Nordic Horse feeding instructions:
      10 grams per 100 kg of horse per day in combination with other feed.

      Crude protein 9.2%,
      Crude fiber 6.6%,
      Crude ash / annealing residue 4.8%,
      Crude fat 1.2%.

      Note: As Nordic Horse products are 100% natural and free of additives, it is important that they are stored in a dry, cool place and avoid direct sunlight.

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