SAMPLE High Energy Nordic
SAMPLE High Energy Nordic

SAMPLE High Energy Nordic

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    Energialisä kilpailuhevosille ja hevosille harjoituksissa, lisää hyvää ja uusiutuvaa energiaa hevoselle.

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      Support for those horses that occasionally need extra energy. Nordic High Energy is ideal for horses competing in multi-day races or for horses that sometimes do not have extra energy in their daily training.

      Extra energy and muscle strength - Nordic High Energy has been developed for horses that need extra energy and endurance. The omega fatty acid content of the product reduces the formation of lactic acid in the muscles and helps to strengthen the horse's endurance.

      Optimal immune system and recovery - Nordic High Energy contains a large amount of natural electrolytes, so your horse maintains proper fluid balance and optimal performance. In addition, the product contains a large proportion of easily absorbed proteins, which provide optimal conditions for proper muscle function and, most importantly, rapid recovery after work. Organic minerals and a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids support a horse’s healthy immune system on all fronts and keep the horse healthy and defensive even during stressful times.

      Stabilized rice bran
      Black cumin
      Flaxseed oil
      Beer yeast
      beet fiber
      milk (Kiesel)

      - A mix of fast and sustainable energy
      - For horses participating in multi-day competitions
      - For horses that lack energy during daily training
      - For horses with a tendency to accumulate lactic acid
      - Can be offered dry or soaked
      - Gives Turkey extra shine
      - To maintain fluid balance
      .- Effectively strengthens the horse's natural healthy defenses

      Nordic Horse feeding recommendation:
      Daily increase in extra energy and endurance: 25 grams / 100 kg of horse per day

      For longer endurance exercises / competitions: Start 3 days before and on days: 100-150 grams / 100 kg horse per day.

      Analytical constituents:
      Crude protein 15.8%, Crude fat 13.2%, Crude ash / residue 12.3%, Crude fiber 8.5%, Dry matter 89.0%, Sugar 13.1%, Starch 8.4%, Calcium 0 , 83%, lysine 0.70%, magnesium 0, 59%, Phosphorus 0.59%, Methionine 0.25%, Sodium 0.11%, Energy 12.4 MJ / KG.

      Nutritional physiological additives:
      2% Clinoptilolith E 1g568

      As this is a 100% pure natural product, the analytical constituents may vary from time to time.

      Storage and shelf life:
      Because Nordic Horse products are 100% natural and free of additives, proper storage is important for sustainability. Nordic High Energy should be stored in a dry, cool and out of direct sunlight - preferably in a closed container.

      Preferably, keep the feed in the stable for a long time before use.
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