Elixir Kisel (1L)
Elixir Kisel (1L)

Elixir Kisel (1L)

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    Tukee suolistoa, luita, nivelsiteitä, sidekudoksia, kavioita, ihoa ja karvapeitettä. Hevosilla, jotka nuolevat maata tai syövät hiekkaa, voi olla puutetta piistä.
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    • Product Details
      Terveys ja hyvinvointi
      Vitamins and trace elements
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    • Product Description
      Diatomaceous earth - Elixir Kisel supports the intestines, bones, ligaments, connective tissues, hooves, skin and coat. Horses that lick the ground or eat sand may be deficient in silicon. Recommended use: 2ml / 100kg per horse daily. Can be given directly into the mouth or among the food from the food cup. Composition: Hydrolyzed diatomaceous earth 15%, Glycerin 0.015%, Water> 84.8% Analytical constituents: Protein: 0%, Fiber 0%, Fat: <5%, Annealing residue: 15%, Sodium: <0.2%, Lysine < 0.2% methionine> 0.2%, Dry matter: 15%. For shelf life see package, Shake before use. Store in the dark, cool and protected from frost. Do not store above 35C. Category: Complementary feed
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