• Omega3 Activ Pellets AmequOmega3 Activ Pellets AmequOmega3 Activ Pellets Amequ
    Omega3 Activ Pellets AmequOmega3 Activ Pellets AmequOmega3 Activ Pellets Amequ
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    Omega3 Activ Pellets Amequ

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      Amequ Omega-3 Active Pellets The delicious and high-fiber Amequ Omega-3 Active Pellets is an all-encompassing pellet feed that tastes even the most picky horses. Amequ Omega-3 Active Pellets are rich in valuable omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, the product contains, among other things, hay and flax pulp, beet fiber, rosehip, herbs, as well as natural vitamins and organic minerals. Amequ Omega-3 Active Pellets support the well-being and endurance of the horse and improve mobility. It gives the horse both slow and fast releasing energy in the right proportion. The energy of the feed comes from fat, fiber and barley. In addition, a tasty herbal mixture that supports kidney function has been added to the preparation, which contains natural antioxidants, electrolytes and vitamins. The product does not contain oat kernels. Amequ Omega-3 Active Pellets can be used in feeders. Dosage recommendation: 200g / 100kg from horses. The dose can be increased if necessary depending on the hay content and the needs of the horse. 1L = 650g Contents: Hay pellet flaxseed pulp, wheat bran, beetroot, heat-treated barley, oat bran, apple fiber, rapeseed oil, molasses, brewer's yeast, fodder salt, Vitamin A (3a672a), 3600.00 IU Vitamin D (3a671), 743.00 mg Vitamin E (3a700), 1.08 mg Vitamin K3, 35.90 mg Vitamin B1, 10.55 mg B2 vitamin, 14.00 mg vitamin B6, 99.00 and vitamin B12, 37.80 mg niacin, 17.80 mg D-pantothenic acid, 8.34 mg folic acid, 237.75 and biotin, 57.50 mg choline chloride, 0 , 10 mg Co (coated cobalt carbonate 3b304), 3.15 mg I (calcium iodate, anhydrous 3b 2 O 2), 90.95 mg Mn (glycine chelate 3BE5), 251.55 mg Zn (glycine chelate 3B607), 90.00 mg Cu (glycine chelate 3bE4), 1.28 mg Se (selenium yeast), Content guarantee: 11.48 MJ, 0.87 FE pr. kg, 14.56% crude protein, 12.54% digestible protein, 9.60% fat 13.91% fiber 9.24% crude ash 1.15% calcium 0.51% phosphorus 0.30% magnesium 0.56% sodium 9.55% starch 7.24% sugar
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      14,56% protein, 9,6% Fat, 13,91% fiber, 7,24% Sugar
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