• After Work Mash Amequ
    After Work Mash Amequ
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    After Work Mash Amequ

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      Amequ After Work - to restore electrolyte balance. Mash is a very delicious and multi-functional mash that allows you to easily ensure your horse’s optimal fluid balance and recovery after training. Amequ After Work Mash restores your horse’s energy stores after a hard workout. It allows you to ensure your horse has adequate fluid intake, especially during training, transportation, racing and illness. Amequ After Work Mash is a tasty combination of wheat bran, carrots, apple and herbs, rich in antioxidants and flavonoids to help your horse recover optimally. After Work Mash’s omega-3 fatty acids promote recovery and relieve strained muscles. The electrolytes added to the product help to keep the electrolyte level in balance and shorten the recovery time. Live prebiotics that support digestion and metabolism have also been added to Amequ After Work. In addition, the product is rich in minerals, enzymes and amino acids, which benefit a horse in hard training. MSM has also been added to the product to maximize joint and muscle recovery. Instructions for use: Sweep in cold water (ratio at least 1: 2) for 5-10 minutes before serving. NOTE. Use only cool water. This will ensure that the prebiotics work. Feed immediately after swelling. Dosage instructions: 100-200 g / per 100 kg. (1 liter = approx. 700g) Amequ After Work Mash is used as needed. It is not a substitute for your horse’s daily feed. Serve Amequ After Work Mash to your horse gladly several times a week. This way you can guarantee optimal fluid balance and digestion. The product does not contain added vitamins or minerals, so it can be used safely alongside normal feeds. The feeding of horses is individual and should always be considered for each horse individually in order to achieve an optimal diet suitable for the overall well-being and use of the horse. The horse should always have water and salt stone available. Store in a dry and cool place, not in direct sunlight. Category: Compound feed Contents: Asparagus pellet, flaxseed press, Betfor® (beet slice), MaxiRice ri (rice bran), meadow grass pellets, wheat bran, Kanne Fermentgetreide® (live prebiotics), apple cider, sea cider, caraway, carrot, Levab , magnesium, herbs. Analytical constituents (kg): Digestible energy 11.75 MJ 0.89 FE Digestible protein 11.4% Fiber 13.5% Crude fat 12.9% Sugar 3.7% Starch 7.5% Ingredients and trace elements (kg): Calcium 1.0% Phosphorus 0.5% Magnesium 0.5% Sodium 1.0% Lysine 0.3% Iron 188.00 mg Cu 3.55 mg Mn 15.60 mg Zn 17.10 mg Lysine 0.24 mg Co 0.16 mg
    • Tuotetiedot
      11,4% protein, 12,9% Fat, 13,5% fiber, 3,7% Sugar
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