Roepiller AmequRoepiller Amequ
Roepiller AmequRoepiller Amequ

Roepiller Amequ

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      The Amequ Roepiller molasses clip is a great source of energy and fiber for your horse. Molassed sugar beet pulp fiber is highly digestible, so it is a good energy source for microbes in the large intestine, which promote intestinal well-being. The high-fiber and low-sugar Amequ Roepiller is ideal for elderly horses and those with metabolic diseases. In addition, it is well-suited for convalescents as well as horses recovering from, for example, sand removal or thunderstorms. The molasses slice is also great for seasoning water when you want to water more of your horse. Low starch: sugar <5%. Instructions for use: 0.2-2 kg / day. Swell in warm water. ANALYTICAL INGREDIENTS (per kg) / ANALYTICAL ANDELAR (per kg): Digestible energy / smältbar Energi 11,74 MJ SRV 50 Sugar <5% Lysine 1,51 g CONTENTS AND TRACE ELEMENTS / INNEHÅLL OCH SPÅRÄMNEN: (per kg) Calcium / calcium 0 , 71% Phosphorus / phosphorus 0.1% Magnesium 0.14% Sodium 0.13% Iron / lime 350 mg Copper / copper 7.1 mg Cl 0.27 Co 0.08 Manganese / manganese 48 mg Zinc / zinc 18 mg Se 0.1 mg K 3.29 mg Mg 2.2 mg
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