Pellavarouhe 20 kg
Pellavarouhe 20 kg

Pellavarouhe 20 kg

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    Valkuaista ja rasvaa sekä lima-aineita sisältävä täydennysrehu hevosen ruokinnan täydentämiseen.
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      Complementary feed used to support intestinal function. Also high in protein and fatty acids. The advantage of this natural product is its content: highly digestible crude fibers, proteins and natural seed oils rich in balanced Omega 3 fatty acids.


      • 100% cold-pressed flax seeds (may contain residues from other cereals - such as maize, barley, wheat, oats processed in production)


      • Horse weight approx. 500 kg 0.25 0.5 kg per day.
      • The exact dose depends on the horse's weight, activity and the nutritional content of the basic feed.
      • The product should be added to the horse's diet gradually over 3 to 5 days, so that the animal's digestion adapts to the added natural flaxseed oil content.

      Anabolic components (dry matter):

      • Humidity max 12%
      • Crude protein min. 28%
      • Crude fiber max. 21%
      • Crude fat / oil min. 10%

      From the flaxseed meal, you make flaxseed slime by adding water to it. The crumb dissolves faster if you use warm water. After the grits have dissolved, mix the portion and “serve” with oats or a concentrated feed, for example.

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