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    Hemp bran is a low-energy, high-fiber belly filling made from hemp seed skin for your horse. It pamperes your horse’s stomach and intestines and makes you feel full for longer - without the extra calories. In addition, hemp bran contains vitamins D and E. Hemp pulp is well suited for horses that need a low-calorie belly filling in their diet. Hemp is also suitable for horses that do not tolerate grains in their diet or that suffer from insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. Nutritional values / 100g of product: Energy 1536KJ, Fiber 61%, protein 8.6%, fat 9.9%, sugars 0%. The product is very light 1 liter = 200g. Instructions for use for a 500 kg horse: 0.5 dl to 8 dl / day. Mix with other feed. Can also be watered. Does not swell with little watering.
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    Suoliston hyvinvointi
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