Grönpiller Amequ
Grönpiller Amequ

Grönpiller Amequ

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    Ruohopelletti, joka on tehty erinomaisesti sulavasta korrettomasta lyhyestä niittyheinästä. Pelletti on erinomaisesti sulava ja tukee suoliston optimaalista toimintaa.
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      109% protein, 5,5% Sugar
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      • Optimaalisesti sulava heinäpelletti
      • Tukee suoliston toimintaa
      • Valmistettu pehmeästä niittyheinästä
      Amequ Grönpiller - a low-sugar, multi-species meadow grass pellet that is very digestible. is 100% compressed hay pellets. It is pressed into short chips from good quality and multi-species meadow grass. The low-energy meadow grass pellet, when swollen, is particularly suitable for the elderly, people with dental problems and upset stomachs. You can also add hay pellets to the feed to enrich nutrients from individual hay or to replace hay with too high a sugar content. Contents: 100% pressed multi-species meadow grass. No molasses was added. Low energy (7 MJ / kg), lysine 2.21. SRV: 101.0 g / kg feed. Recommended use: 50-500g / 100kg Swallow in warm water in a ratio of 1 dose of Amequ Groen Pills to 2 doses of water. 1 liter = 600g ANALYTICAL INGREDIENTS (per kg) / ANALYTICAL ANDELAR (per kg): Digestible energy / smältbar Energi 7 MJ 0,54 feed units / foderenheter Crude protein / crude protein 12,2% Crude fiber / crude fiber 26,2% Crude fat 2,9% % Sugar / socker 5,5% Starch / starch 0,0% Annealing residue: 7,7% CONTENT AND TRACE ELEMENTS / INNEHÅLL OCH SPÅRÄMNEN: (per kg) Calcium / calcium 0,5% Phosphorus / phosphorus 0,3% Magnesium 0, 2% Sodium 0.2%
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