GrassO3 Amequ
GrassO3 Amequ

GrassO3 Amequ

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    Pehmeäkortinen heinähake syysheinästä mahaongelmaisille, vanhemmille tai huonoampaisille hevosille. Hyvinsulava heinähake soveltuu myös erinomaisesti kilpahevosille ruoka-astiasta nautittavaksi välipalaksi.
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      Soft-skinned, very digestible, stomach-friendly Odelma meadow grass with approx. 2% flaxseed oil - The grass stalks are soft, so the product is well suited for older horses as well as horses with a particularly sensitive gastric mucosa. Natural nutrients are preserved by a gentle drying process and the Omega-3 content is improved by adding flaxseed oil. Supplied in small and easy-to-handle packages of 12.5 kg, which are also easy to transport to competitions. Product use: GrassO3 is particularly suitable for racehorses, older horses, foals, young horses and breeding horses. Thanks to the added omega-3 fatty acids, the product provides a lot of slow-release energy. Chip-shaped feed prolongs the natural chewing time. GrassO3 is also an excellent source of highly digestible fiber for racehorses with an increased risk of digestive problems. Perfect for races and training trips - can replace or supplement other hay feeding. An excellent product in the winter season alongside canned hay if canned hay causes digestive problems for the horse. Special features of GrassO3: - Added omega-3 fatty acids in the form of linseed oil - Natural product to which no soy or molasses has been added - Treated and dried carefully at low temperature so that the nutrients remain unchanged. - Highly digestible fiber - Stimulates and prolongs chewing time - Soft texture - Good for older horses or horses with sensitive stomachs - Can be used for horses with breathing difficulties - No dust - Increases slow release energy for muscle work - GMO-free , in which case 1kg of GrassO3 replaces one kilo of other forage feeding. Can also be used as a substitute for normal hay, in which case the amount should be 1.5-2kg / 100kg per horse. Composition: Grass blend, linseed oil (not containing alfalfa) Analytical constituents (kg): Melting energy 8.18 MJ 0.62 FE Crude protein 10.5% Crude fiber content 27.3% Crude fat 4.3% Crude ash 9.9% Sugar 9.9 % Starch 0.0% Content and trace elements (kg): Calcium 0.46% Phosphorus 0.26% Magnesium 0.18% Sodium 0.14% Iron 301.52 mg Cu 4.75 mg Mn 22 mg Zn 22 mg Co 0.15 mg NOTE: As this is a 100% pure natural product, the analytical constituents may vary from batch to batch. Best before: at least 12 months from the date of manufacture. Store in a dry and cool place, not in direct sunlight. Category: Feed materials
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