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    Barley malt powder made from Finnish malting barley makes the drinking water taste good and thus promotes the horse's appetite and reduces constipation. A tasty way to increase a horse’s appetite or improve the palatability of feed ingredients by making them mashed! Barley malt is also a good source of B vitamins.

    Instructions for use: Mix 0.5-10 dl (1dl = approx. 70g) of barley malt flour with a bucket of lukewarm drinking water. If necessary, add the salt or electrolyte preparation your horse needs. or Make a drinkable mash as a feed, add any other feed ingredients and warm water you want and serve as porridge.

    Contents: Enzyme flour malt flour. Nutritional content g / 100g: Fat 2.8, Carbohydrates 64 (of which sugars 7.8), Dietary fiber 12, Protein 12. Energy 1488kJ / 100g.
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