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    Dream Salt - Natural and Tasty Flavours & Aromas
    Makes Feed and Drinking Water Delicious

    Tasty herbal salt is a new salt preparation, which helps horses to maintain their fluid balance. A delicious and fragrant product, which enhances the taste of water and feed.
    This high quality preparation contains coarse grained Himalayan salt, as well as herbs that are rich in minerals and different types of salts.

    Ingredients (Inci):
    Himalayan Salt (Sal Hamalayan), Parsley (Petroselium Crispum), Ramsons (Allium Ursinum), Garlic (Allium Sativum) and Lovage (Levisticum Officinale).
    Remember to make sure that your horse always has easy access to clean drinking water.
    The product absorbs moisture, so close the package carefully after use.
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