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          Stables Hemp

          Hemp is a nutritious product for your horse. Hemp is a source of protein, soluble fibers, and essential fatty acids. In addition, the versatile hemp contains plenty of important trace elements. Hemp Seed, Hemp Sponge, Hemp Sponge and Hemp Protein are rich in, among others. P, K, Mg and Ca. Hemp contains fat-soluble A and E vitamins. There is also a B group of vitamins in the hemp. Hemp Protein amino acids include, in particular, arginine, which promotes healthy blood flow and cardiac function. Hemp Seed, Hemp Sponge, Hemp Sponge and Hemp Protein also contain methionine, which is not usually present in vegetable protein sources. Hemp is also a good source of lysine. Hemp for overall fitness is ideal for sports and breeding horses. Hemp proteins are particularly well absorbed by the body, so hemp is an excellent product for growing and maintaining muscle mass. There is little Trypsin in the hemp, which, for example, is in soy protein to prevent good absorption. At a lower dose, Hemp is also a good addition to the hobby diet. Hemp fatty acids act as powerful antioxidants that fight body inflammation and protect the skin. Hemp is recommended for horses suffering from summer rash, because the fatty acids in Hemp oil lubricate the skin and increase its resistance. Hemp oil alleviates the problems of atopic itchy skin in the study (Journal of Dermatological Treatment. 2005; 16: 87-94). Hemp improves the quality of hair, rabbits, hoof and corn. The tasty hemp contains energy in a slow-absorbing form, and there is little sugar in the hemp. Hemp is well suited for feeding sugar-sensitive horses.