TimO3 (10kg)
TimO3 (10kg)

TimO3 (10kg)

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Erittäin vähäsokerinen heinähake.Heinähake on korkealaatuista, haketettua timoteiheinää, johon on lisätty pellavaöljyä.
  • Feed for very good feed users with a tendency to obesity and metabolic disorders.
  • Model is wearing size: 10kg
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  • Product Details
    For all horses
    Waist cut:
    Chopped 2-4cm
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  • Product Description
    Amequ Tim03 - very low sugar hay chip. Hay chips are high-quality, chipped timothy grass with added linseed oil. The high-fiber Tim03 prolongs chewing time, increases saliva secretion and supports digestion and intestinal function. Very low in sugar and low in energy, Tim03 contains little protein. It is well suited for all horses, but is particularly well suited for lightweight, overweight prone horses as well as horses with metabolic problems such as EMS or PPID. Carefully dried and treated, Tim03 is also suitable for dust-sensitive horses. In addition, it is an excellent source of fiber for racehorses. You can replace or supplement Tim03 with part of the forage or concentrate. Comes in a compact and easy-to-use package that is easy to take with you on race trips as well. Feeding recommendation: 0.2-2.5 kg per 100 kg. Divide the dose into a couple of daily doses. The product can partially or completely replace other forage. Composition: 98% timothy hay, 2% linseed oil. Nutritional values: Dry matter 93%, Sugar 34.4g / KA kg. Energy: 5.76 MJ SRV 67.9, crude protein 9.1%, crude fat 1.2% Crude fiber 34.6%, annealing residue 7.7%, sugar 3.7%. Example: The available hay sugar is 140g / KA kg, the horse eats 9 kg of sand, which is replaced by 3kg of TimO3, leaving the horse's daily sugar at 104.8g / KA kg.
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