Omega-3 Easy, Amequ
Omega-3 Easy, Amequ
Omega-3 Easy, AmequOmega-3 Easy, Amequ

Omega-3 Easy, Amequ

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Maukas rehu levossa, kevyessä työssä oleville ja helposti kuumuville hevosille. Rehun rinnalle ei yleensä tarvita kivennäis- tai vitamiinivalmisteita.
  • Feed for very good feed users with a tendency to obesity and metabolic disorders.
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    Ameqy Omega-3 Easy is a tasty supplementary feed (all-inclusive) that, with good quality straw feed, covers your horse's daily omega-3 fatty acids, natural vitamins and organic minerals without unnecessary calories. In addition, tasty herbs such as garlic, thyme, rosemary and oregano have been added to the mixture. The high omega-3 fatty acid content of a low-sugar and low-starch feed has a positive effect on the horse's immune system, digestion, allergy and rash problems, and endurance. Oatmeal Omega-3 Easy contains slow-release energy and does not cause major changes in blood sugar. Omega-3 Easy is suitable for horses in light work or maintenance. In addition, the mixture is also suitable for easily heating horses, as magnesium has been added to it, which can have a calming effect. SRV: 104 g / kg feed. Feeding recommendation: 200 g / 100 kg of horse. CONTENTS / INNEHÅLL: Alfalfa / Lucerne 22.85%, LinOcrunch 20.00%, Hay pellets / gräspellets 15.76%, Beet cut / betfiber 10.00%, Soybean oil / soybean oil 5.00%, Pea peel / edible 5.00%, Apple mass / apple pulp 5.00%, Wheat bran / wedge 4.00%, Oat bran / walnut 3.60%, Molasses / molasses 3.00%, Carrot / moroth 2.00%, Feed salt / fodersalt 2.00%, Calcium carbonate / Calcium Carbonates 0.80%, Vitamins / Minerals / Vitamin / Mineral 0.35%, Dry Yeast / Torrjäst 0.30%, Magnesium 0.20%, Herbs / Herr 0.14% ANALYTICAL INGREDIENTS (per kg) / ANALYTICAL ANDELAR (per kg): Digestible energy / 10.69 MJ, smältbar Energi 0.81 ry / fe, Crude protein / crude protein 13.0%, Crude fiber / crude fiber 18.1%, Crude fat / crude fat 10.9%, Crude ash / crude 8.1 %, Sugar / socker 5.6%, Starch / starch 3.9%. CONTENT AND TRACE ELEMENTS (per kg) / INNEHÅLL OCH SPÅRÄMNEN (per kg): Ca 0,9%, P 0,3%, Mg 0,3%, Na 1,0%, Lysine / lysine 0,4%, Fe 145 , 15 mg, Cu 75.95 mg, Mn 91.59 mg, Zn 222.03 mg, Se 1.04 mg, Co 0.17 mg, I 2.50 mg. ADDED / TILLSATSER: Guarantee IU per g and mg per kg / Garanterade IU per g and mg per kg (IU = International units): 24'500 IU Vitamin A / Vitamin E672, 2'800 IU Vitamin D / Vitamin D E671, 577.50 mg Vitamin E / Vitamin 3a700, 26.25 mg Vitamin B1 / Vitamin B1, 7.70 mg Vitamin B2 / Vitamin A, 10.50 mg Vitamin B6 / Vitamin B, 0.08 mg vitamin B12 / vitamin B12, 12.25 mg pantothenic acid / pantothenase D, 29.40 mg Niacin / niacin, 6.25 mg Folic acid / folic acid, 0.18 mg Biotin / Biotin, 70.74 mg Mn (glycine chelate / glycine chelates 3bE5), 70.00 mg Cu (glycine chelate / glycine chelates 3bE4), 195.65 mg Zn (glycine chelate / glycine chelates 3bE6), 2.45 mg I (calcium iodate, anhydrous / calcium iodate, wattenfri), 1.00 mg Se ( selenium yeast / selenium residue), 0.06 mg Co (cobalt bicarbonate / cobalt carbonates), 0.09 g MgO (magnesium oxide / magnesium oxide).
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