Sand Eater Care+ (1.2kg)
Sand Eater Care+ (1.2kg)
Sand Eater Care+ (1.2kg)Sand Eater Care+ (1.2kg)

Sand Eater Care+ (1.2kg)

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    • piimaa
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    • gastroClay
    Stomach-friendly Sand Eater Care + is a compound that cleanses and balances the body and is very well suited to the diet of horses prone to eating sand. In addition, it is suitable for horses suffering from prolonged diarrhea due to too acidic pH or with difficult-to-heal scabs or lines. SandEaterCare + contains alkaline and highly mineral-rich bentonite, fiber- and nutrient-rich monkey breadfruit, fibrous, intestinal-mucous silica, and plenty of Silicon, which is often in short supply in sand-eating horses, and a stomach-friendly wheat bran. SandEaterCare + promotes intestinal function and nourishes a good bacterial population. In addition, it balances the intestinal pH, binds intestinal gases and cleanses the body by absorbing harmful substances from the intestine. Recommended use: 50 g / day. Swell in warm water before serving. Content: Bentonite 18.8%, monkey breadfruit 27.27%, silica-Silicon 27.27%, wheat bran 27.27%
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