• GastriProtect Amequ
    GastriProtect Amequ
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    GastriProtect Amequ

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      For horses that have too much gastric acid secretion or are exposed to ulcers. For stressful situations such as moving, transport, competitions etc.
      Contents: extruded linseed, pectin, lecithin, autolysed yeast, natural flavonoids and Digestarome.
      Feeding instructions: For urgent needs 20-40 g per 100 kg horse, for maintenance 10 g per 100 kg horse. To improve the effect, distribute the daily dose over several feeds.
      GastriProtect is a new organic feed mixture that provides effective protection for your horses stomach and intestines. It is ideal for horses that do easily get or have ulcers. In addition, it is well suited for use in stressful situations such as during moving, transport, intensive training, competitions etc.
      GastriProtect reduces gastric acid formation and protects the stomach and intestinal mucus.
      Pectin raises the pH level of the stomach and forms a gut-protective gel. Lecithin neutralizes strong stomach acids and strengthens the gastric mucus. Autolysed yeast promotes digestion and bowel function. Heat-treated flax seeds protect the intestine and support the stomach health. The easily soluble fibers are also good nutrition for the natural bacterial flora in the intestines.
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