• Amequ Olgaer Yea-Sacc
    Amequ Olgaer Yea-Sacc
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    Amequ Olgaer Yea-Sacc

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      Amequ Olgaer Yea-Sacc contains a unique combination of Yea-sacc yeast (50%) and dry mash (50%). They support the intestinal function of the horse and create a favorable habitat for good intestinal bacteria in the colon, which promotes efficient digestion. In addition, Yea-Sacc is also good for horse skin, fur and hooves. Yea-Sacc is rich in vitamin B. It is recommended for use especially in connection with feed changes and hair loss. Yea-Sacc is also ideal for horses with intestinal problems and / or who are stressed. Elderly horses as well as horses that have difficulty maintaining body mass can also benefit from yea-sacci. Content: 50% Yea-sacc (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) 50% mash Recommended use: 500 kg horse: 80-120 g / kg. The dose can be temporarily doubled. 1 measure 40 g. Analyzes: Moisture 8%, Proteins 38%, Fats 4%, Fiber 4%, Ash 6%, Minerals (indicative): Na 0.02%, K 1.2%, Mg 0.4%, P 1.6%, Mn 112 ppm, Ca 400 ppm, Cu 6 ppm, Fe 50 ppm, Zn241 ppm, Vitamins (ind.): B1 Thiamine 41 mg / Kg B2 Riboflavin25.2 mg / Kg PP Nicotinamine 400 mg / Kg Pantothenic acid 16 mg / Kg Biotin 0.5 mg / Kg Folic acid 2.1 mg / Kg B12 0.06 mg / Kg Amino acids (ind.)% Am / prot Arginine 3.2% Cystine 0.6% Phenylaniline 2.3% Glycine 3.1% Histinin 2.8% Isoleucine2.3% Leucine 5.6% Lysine 4.8% Methionine 1.1% Serine 3.5% Threonine 2.8% TRptophan 0.9% Tyrosine 3.2% Valine 3.2% Glutamic acid 9 , 1% Alanine 4.3% Aspartic acid 6.5% Proline 3.4%
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